Scorpio Characteristics

Scorpio Characteristics Element: Water.
Ruling planet: Pluto.
Metal: iron.
Day of the week: Tuesday.
Perfumes: the coral.
Color: blue in all shades.
Lucky numbers: 8, 17, 26, 35, 44 and 53.

Undoubtedly, a Scorpio is one of the strongest signs of the zodiac; their emotional energy is overflowing despite his calm appearance. People of the Scorpio sign have an internal aggression and magnetism that are completely hidden within.

People of this sign are very friendly people who manage to sustain excellent conversations, they are reserved and very polite people do not trust if they appear to be inactive, even if they are removed from the center of the action, in reality, they are watching everything through his critical eye.

The Scorpion is very powerful and has a character that can cause great benefits or risks to those around them. Thanks to his willpower and tenacity, they are not only unique but also very sensitive people that can be strongly affected by the situations around them, because they are so emotional, they can be easily hurt or feel alluded, they may even lose the control in the event that they consider erroneously or that someone has wronged them.

Scorpio at Work , They can almost succeed in all professional fields, they are good doctors, scientists, police officers, detectives, lawyers and writers, they can also become excellent speakers, preachers and diplomats, if they really learn to control their negative aspects, their job success will have no limits.

Scorpio in Love , The Scorpio is the symbol of sex, they are passionate and sensual people, for them the act of love is a spiritual act and they may feel things that others who are governed by other signs may never come to feel, thanks to this and the depth of their feelings, his loving relationships are deep, magical and even tragic.

Those ruled by this sign are people who have a dark halo full of mystery combined with a completely irresistible magnetism causing the opposite sex to not be able to resist their charms.

They are great lovers and always carry a part of themselves that they will never share with anyone. In love relationships Scorpios are strongly dominant, especially if they discover that their partner is weak.

Areas for improvement:
jealous and often compulsive, even obsessive, the native people of Scorpio can be very resentful and stubborn.

Do not make him angry: Scorpion hates the superficial and meaningless relationships; they do not easily accept the easy flattery nor tolerate people joking around and laughing at them.

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