Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

From August 1 to August 7

Work: In order to achieve success and wealth you must work hard, you must know his passions and knowledge to recognize your true desires, since it is in vain each other´s to narrow dreams, the message that it sends to the Universe will be doubtful, if you are not sincere, and you will obtain doubtful results. Confidence and optimism it is the necessary thing to confront his day… is not hopeless, Mars is his stellar soldier. You can receive supplies or make specific businesses or societies. Good day for important document companies, purchase of buildings or investments of businesses. Work to make specific your dreams is its real work on this planet, to reach all goals as about your it says it destiny.

Love: Intense social and loving activity. Possibilities of concretion of plans in the long term. Possible contract company/signature. Love is always expressed in the service to the others. To love is to give: think today in it, and analyzes the events day of the. In order to obtain a list of true desires we must recognize our personal tastes and needs. A complementary being appears in your life, can be a fellow worker, a new love or a friendship, with whom will be understood completely. It is good moment for the communication and the bloating does not pay attention to superfluous problems or of simple solution; do not suffocate in glasses of water

Health: To secure the way to stop laughter and nerves is the best method to conserve yourself healthful. Try to maintain your binoculars in sequence. In order to begin the changes it is necessary to be clear in the action. The low self-esteem generates failure and unhappiness, although usually it is not the case of Scorpios, it is worth the trouble to meditate on this, can make it more comprehensive to the familiar problems. If it loses something in the way of its sincere life and chosen, it assumes the loss like education and possibility of change. Nevertheless and in spite of which you can be appraised today, they begin to germinate the seeds of the cultivated field until now, the fruits of its sowing will not be made hope. You will harvest what sowings, remember it always.

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