Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

From May 20 to May 26

Work: A stroll in family would come to you very well to load batteries for other activities. Very positive personal development and with huge potentials, does not fail to take advantage of the temporary aid of the stars. The great healer power of the laughter is highly well-known, demonstrable and very rewarding. Your seduction will be harnessed by your glance and by your actions, the beauty of Sign will arise and this will happen to be at strongpoint. Native masculine ones will increase your anger and in your interior an intense passion will awake. No obstacle will interpose to you but perseverance in your loving intentions… as long as you take care of pride. You will have the capacity and possibility of expanding in other still unexplored labor economic fields by UD You pay much attention and acts and intelligence wisely. Personal growth has much to do knowing yourself, take advantage of miracles of synchrodestiny and manage to live in harmony with the Universe, be alert to the natural law

Love: The loving relations enjoy very good health, good moment to make transcendental decisions from a two. To marry, to be united, to travel and to project to future today can be very beneficial. Spring to our heart returns, a new time to seed happiness after fallen rain. This Is a very good period to enjoy the family. Trips with people of your familiar surroundings will become reality and you will enjoy them a lot. Take advantage of this period to reaffirm your affective bonds. You will have to also consult to your sexologist, since excess of sexual activity will affect your genital organs. Day of challenges: it is necessary to examine your inhibitions and prejudices to be able in leaving them.

Health: The instability and the nervousness will invade the bond. To respect mutual times and think solo about the occurred thing will be able to revert the situation. A rest in work try to take yourself. Nothing happens if all strategic movements and decisions are with the aim of living for power to be remembered with love. At least you look for love or each other´s approval, more sincere with yourself could be, and of this way you will find those who love and appreciate you for what you truly are. Do not live any more days lying. You will have to take care of your expenses, since during this period you will have tendency to make numerous cosmetic fittings to take care of your image. Frank reconciliation, does not ruin it, deals to its partner with more tenderness, set up yourself in your shoes. Try to leave to the green one, a good stroll in bicycle or shared long walk will improve your spirit and its health at the same time. Use your self-esteem to transform the fear into resolution, pow

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