Scorpio Horoscope Today

Friday October 18, 2019

Use your mind to send love to others instead of to criticize them. The idea of being incomplete is in the origin of all fear, does not spend your energy creating a false own image, visualize yourself like somebody complete that love and it is loved, and everything in your life will take a course better.ÿDeclare with vehemence and power: ?I am as I am and I can Better, I deserve myself to be your best thing than I can give?. Learn to being kind and amiable, and will reap respect, attention and esteem. Innocent questions to recover the power to change and to return to the present Earth, to obtain the vision that could have been lost in the routine character: I can find my way happy? Ask to yourself: How I gather the tended hand, the hug, the aid, the possibility?

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