Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

May 2021

You need to be reborn from your ashes. Stop whining about the fate you've run in recent months, and look up. Do not be discouraged by the tide: you have to board the ship with which we have to face it. Life is a hard journey, but that gives us comfort is just that: taking us to some port. Do not fear the wind and the vastness: elevate the flight that is demanded of us. You have to know to get up after you thought was a fatal blow, as none is. You know what they say about the best fighters: the best gladiator who accommodates more punches is not the best, but resists better. Life is a test that never ceases, and our efforts should be maintained. The fifth month of the year highlights in your North Node sky, and makes a call so you do not give up. These days have been tough. And you must be sure that those who follow will continue to be loyal. What will make the difference in any case, it's you. We must stand up and take stock of the experience we have gained from the defeat. Apprenticeships, those are the true values that have setbacks. So it is time for you to know: you are not defeated. As you've removed a battle you were not ready for but now have the perspective that gives the first confrontation. Whatever the area of your life where you've been defeated (work, love, family, social), it's time to go back for the second assault. Karma assists you: do what you should do, but acts with dignity, and you will achieve what you deserve.

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