Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

December 2022

It's time to honor debts, promises, and what we said and what we swear. They'll be days when you have to catch up in terms of the other. And it lovers, friends, family will demand that we comply with the writing. Do not worry; there is nothing in what you claim you cannot perform. There is nothing beyond your capacity. So get to work. And pay attention to your foremost priorities. Most of them: your home, your people, your love. This month the Moon gives you her North Node, and in that light (the Karma and the fulfillment of your duties)'s time for you to guide your actions: you have to fulfill your word. To make an inventory of what is owed and to whom it should. This is a healthy and necessary exercise, which puts us new account with the person we can be. Is not there anything that makes us feels bigger and stronger than the ability to please the people we love and we care about. What have we promised? What gratitude has been omitted? Who should a word recognition that you have refused to give: there you have questions that need to be asked and responded. Mercury transiting Mars tells us that you will succeed in this campaign for the sake of your name and that you expect more than your mere presence. It's time to give gifts and presents, to pay debts and let the actions speak for us. Remember that all debts paid and fulfilled promises are seeds that will bring harvest tomorrow.

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