Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

October 2019

It is time to ponder the actions before acting. It's time to gain perspective and take a step back for seeing the whole picture. Do not let the tree hide the forest: you need an input, a voice, a reasoned opinion, and it's time for you to give and you act accordingly. Wisdom is more precious than rubies, but only if you use it promptly. Saturn Sky fills you and your willingness to reach closure of outstanding issues. But they require effort, this ability of vision and analysis that only you have, and it's time for you to exercise for the benefit of your work and your accomplishments. And Saturn knows that there is no better wisdom that is gained with experience, with the sweat of everyday life: you have to suffer what you learn; you have to earn the knowledge in the rumor of urgency. So prepare your best tools, critical and analytical flow that distinguishes the natives of your sign, and await the opportunity to test yourself. It will happen between 12 and 15, and will be a problem related to your work and duties. Take time, we have to analyze all parts of the question. Do not let your habitual impatience take the reins. Think it will depend obtaining good things for you and yours.

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