Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

February 2020

We do things for a number of reasons: from the personal to the society that forces us. However, this month you should make your decisions on a clear basis: your heart. And it is time to meet the demands of our inner life and deliver what is right and necessary for the people we love come to the places where they want to be and get a little of what you truly deserve. Yes, it's time to pay debts. Heaven shines about the North Lunar Node high. You know what that means? You pay what has been given. It is necessary to restore balance to our deeds and blessings. And, as you well know, has received much of the people you love, and you have not been very generous to give back what they have put into your hands. Do not miss more time: there are few things that weigh us in life to discover our own ingratitude. Venus Jupiter away after 9th of February, and that best defines forget gifts or money: the love you ask you to give them the same thing you've been given. So quality time delivery, talks, walks. Forget the cares of the world and returns the love that love demands. Not expected no less from you and much more, but this should point you give what you received. It's time to think about the future: Who do you want next to you tomorrow? To answer, just follow this simple advice, and do something that is logical and necessary: to love who has earned your heart.

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