Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

September 2020

We must take stock and review the sum again and again. Know that everything is paid and all debts must be returned to us. This period must be especially careful, because all we have taken or left in the hands of others will have their reply. And we shall have to pay or receive: everything depends on the sign of our actions. In September your sky will be visited by the North Node of the Moon, an aspect that is related to Karma, with the payment of debts, with the honor we owe to our actions. This should be a month when you do count your actions, your debts, gratitude you've forgotten about. And it's time you start paying. Do not postpone that duty. Life sometimes decides to make a cut and review pending. It is not easy to recognize own faults, but it is necessary to move forward: leave all possible liability. And the guilt and apathy is not the most difficult. So do the balance, Scorpio: you recognize if we or should we, and work to fill gaps discovered. Pay debts, whatever their nature, and work so there are no more imbalances in the future. Do not give in to the temptation to ignore, for time only grows. Continue your journey free of any possibility of misery.

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