Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

August 2022

It's time to pay debts, not all of which are material. The karma demands and we have no choice but to meet and keep paying what we owe. Who do we owe the return to? This time, your largest creditor: yourself. This August you pay what you owe, and we have not always had the delicacy of returning: patience, wonder, joy, desire. Yes, it's time for you to grant you what you have been denying. August is going to be dominated by the North Node. Something that is, directly related to karma. That is, the balance between good and evil deeds. It is time to restore the center, balanced forces. And in this case you get to reinvent that balance by paying the debts that you have for yourself. It’s just that you've been hard on yourself in these past months, you have abused to some extent on your person and your strength for the sake of goals that are not always achieved. It was your love for perfection which has led you to this situation, in which you have neglected to the point of negligence. It's good to want to be the best at everything (at work, in the family, at home, in life), but you have emptied, departed cultivate you as a person. So you have to forget for a while the cares, get carried away and consent.

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