Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

June 2024

Your sign opens the North Node, and that you should move to gain focus, to devote all your strength in this task you know you have: yourself. You have to know that the fruits be completed ahead. Only that which is planted may be harvested. Do not let the dispersion continue to guide your steps. You know what they say: "He, who covers much, just gets less." There are many paths open, but only you can actually go through one. The month begins with Mercury, which comes to your sky and makes you look at yourself. In this first week, we must depart from the noise generated around you, and know to be alone to ask the question that counts: "Where to?" The Sun opposite Saturn opens its doors for you to take concrete steps towards your personal growth. Things are not as difficult as you think: you have to keep in mind of the future you want, and move towards it step by step. Halfway through the month, Jupiter in Cancer moves us to seek harmony at work, to give what we have to give for things to be generated. We must take into our hands the commitment that has been demanded, for this is one of those occasions when a job well done will only happen if we do doing it. It corresponds to us. Venus closes the month opposite Saturn, and it benefits you in the loving sense.

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