Scorpio and Virgo

This is not one of the best relationships you will find in the horoscope. Elements of water and earth, these two signs can be attracted in a given moment but the love between them will not last the longest.

This couple is the most different and the differences between them are many. While Virgo gives intellect a lot of importance, Scorpio is much more impulsive and likes things plain and traditional. Virgo will not find in Scorpio the partner with whom to have good conversations and often will be discussing because of the stubbornness of Scorpio, who will not understand much of what Virgo tries to explain.

On the other hand, Virgo is a person who needs to be well on the intellectual plane to be comfortable in love and this something that Scorpio will not offer him. Thus, he may end up getting tired of Scorpio and seek a new partner when it is least expected. The friendship between them is not very good, because they both love being the center of attention and will fight each other to get it. Whoever it is, one of the two will end up overwhelming the other. Therefore, these relationships are the most complicated and will gain few achievements. It is important, however, that if they want to try, they must have a lot of patience with each other and give each other enough space.

On the sexual plane, differences will continue. Neither of them, but less Virgo, will feel comfortable in that aspect.

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