Scorpio and Taurus

The compatibility between these two signs can be very high, in contrast with most forecasts. However, for this union to work out, they both need to do their part. These two signs, of Water and Earth, are drawn like two magnets are, which will make loving relationships between them be established.

The passionate nature of both will make them be well and have many encounters. Both are loyal people, and of one partner and also very jealous, although Scorpio outperforms Taurus in this respect. In addition, Taurus is a person who likes the countryside and outdoor activities, while Scorpio is more about doing quiet things and indoors. Their friendship is one of the planes in which there may be some discussions, as both are stubborn, but will develop well enough. The achievements that they can get in life are many, except for the economic achievements. Similarly, they should strive to make their union last and have it be comfortable for both. They are signs that are very creative and Taurus is especially good in relationships with other people, while the character of Scorpio is quite the contrary.

On the sexual plane, Scorpio will lead. Scorpio is not as active as Taurus would like, but Taurus is very patient and understanding, so he will adapt to the needs of his partner.

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