Scorpio and Sagittarius

This is one of the most difficult combinations with which we can find, because Sagittarius is very adventurous, while Scorpio likes routine. These signs of fire and water are opposites, and if they want a relationship to work between them, they should establish priorities and leave many things they like to suit what others like also.

Sagittarius wants adventures that Scorpio wants nothing to do with, but whose adventure means spending time with their partner and family. Sagittarius is a person who likes to be with friends and this is something that is not going to go well with Scorpio. Despite these differences, Sagittarius knows how to keep Scorpio close because he always has his intellectual plane on his side. These signs, however, can have a nice friend relationship, that is if they do not cross the line. It is important that, if they want their love go ahead, then they should put a lot of effort and patience into it. They should avoid arguments and find something’s they both like. As for the achievements that these two signs can get there is not much to say. If they know how to keep the relationship between them, they can do almost anything they intend to do, but it will be difficult for them to stay together.

On the sexual plane, these two signs are also very different, as each sees sex in a different way. They will not find a common point that is good for both of them.

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