Scorpio and Gemini

The compatibility established between these two Air and Water signs is quite low and it will not be possible in a stable relationship between them unless both are willing. Even still wanting the relationship to work, they must make great efforts and sacrifices for this progress to go smoothly.

These signs are quite different from each other, because Scorpio is a person about living at home with the family and their privacy, while Gemini loves to do new things, be with friends and have a lot of activity in his life. Scorpio is a very jealous person and Gemini will be worried about it all day, because this one is all about friends and joking around. Therefore, if they want any relationship to work, they should start by generated trust between them and make no unnecessary worries. Another point of conflict between them is that both are stubborn and will not give up easily. However, this passion they put into everything will have them able to understand, and find a point of confidence where they will feel good and achieve a good relationship and even expand the family.

On the sexual plane, the relations between them will be quite good because of the chemistry and energy in Gemini, but will soon become monotonous and will not have much to do. The point of these two signs is that they talk a lot, even at the cost of their own feelings.

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