Scorpio and Cancer

Cancer and Scorpio are Water signs and there is great attraction between them. They are like two magnets that cannot be without the other, so they foster relations between them. They are very open and sincere people, but one will always need the other, as their characters are often complementary. Cancer is a person of intimacy and family; loves to spend all the free time that he has with their partner and family and when he loves, he does it with all of his heart. Scorpio is about the same, which makes them easy to agree with the activities to do in their spare time. Both are signs of one relationship, and are very loyal and do not like to switch partners.

Cancer must pay close attention to Scorpio and must have patience with his way of being, because he does not easily realize his errors; however, Cancer will be lucky to have Scorpio at his side in the moments when he feels most vulnerable and sensitive, as Scorpio will give him the security he needs to feel good. The connection between these signs can make them achieve long term success, not short-term, and they will be limited as they continue with their routines. However, knowing how to see situations that are about to come, they be great for finding solutions before problems arise.

The sexual plane is not something that worries them excessively. They will maintain relationships as they both like, but this will not be a central issue in the relationship.

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