Scorpio and Aquarius

These are signs of Air and Water and the compatibility between them is not the best, as each one sees things contrary to the other, which means that there are many differences between them and which are difficult to solve. In addition, both live love relationships in a very different way, so neither would live well with the other.

In terms of friendship, it is possible that Scorpio and Aquarius have a good friendship, but this will not be free of certain differences and discussions. They both like being with friends occasionally, but Scorpio is very stubborn and never wants to assume that he is wrong, causing the wrath of Aquarius come out on more than one occasion. So much in love and in friendship, these two signs if they want to have a future, they should leave plenty of space between them; the best will be the casual encounters.

As for the achievements that can be expected of this pair, the best will come in the economic aspect and in the workplace, as both have very clear ideas and see what will come about. Both are realistic and very careful in everything they do. On the sexual plane, these cannot expect for these two signs to have the best relations, because as mentioned, they need some space to get along. Neither will know and understand the other if they will cold hearted, which will make the relationship end up in the same way as in the beginning.

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